Trading Rules

Rule 1:

uCash Fund’s tokens can not be transferred to any non-KYC members. Fund can be transferred with Rule 2 or the recipients can get their KYC verified first.

Rule 2:

Non-KYC members can receive uCash Fund’s tokens through “TRADING”.

Rule 3:

Trading must follow the trading rate which could be updated every five minutes below this page. Its community rate can be checked on another page: Guaranteed Minimum Value.

Rule 4:

uCash Fund members will be penalized if a rule is violated. The severity of each sanction is solely decided by a uCash Fund coordinator.

Rule 5:

uCash Fund is not responsible for any taxable transactions or profits. Every trader, beneficiary and community member must comply with his/her local government’s taxation rules if applicable in his/her respective country.

Trading Rate

Only the following currencies are allowed to trade with uCash Fund:


This page should be refreshed before a trading value is submitted.

Guaranteed Minimum Value