UNICASD - Universal CASH Dollar

UNICASD is Universal CASH Dollar.

It is the official currency of Universal Crypto Assets Solutions & Harmonization Fund. CASH stands for Crypto Assets Solutions & Harmonization.

UNICASD is a digital token, not a coin, for CASH dollars. It is mainly used by its community members to trade for an exchange of community activities. All community members can be participated by non-members, so its tokens can be used for both members and non-members. Its main exchange pair is USDN/UNICASD in WAVES community. However, members are able to trade other pairs like BTC/UNICASD, WAVES/UNICASD, USDT/UNICASD, USDC/UNICAD, USDK/UNICASD, LTC/UNICASD, ETH/UNICASD. The trading pairs are up to the community members and traders.

As for the community activities, UNICASD will be for all, both members and non-members. uCash Fund (https://ucashfund.com/) envisions the balanced digital economy for the world’s future citizenship and Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Per Capita. GDP per capita (GDPPPP) is a measurement of the GDP per person in a country’s population; it is a useful way to compare GDP data between various countries.

Global Platforms:

Currency Name:UNICASD
Community Level:CASH Dollar
Trading Platform:Waves.Exchange
Community Platform:Share Profit Club
Blockchain Asset:WavesExplorer